Looking to sell that old car of yours that may be on its last leg? Maybe you just want to upgrade to something better? Well, we are here to help at Sport Honda in Silver Spring, MD!

We buy cars and trade-in with many advantages including:

No Obligation: Once we make you an offer, you can take it or not, with no obligation of you purchasing a vehicle from us, though we encourage you to check out our new and used inventories.

No Appraisal Fee:
Many buyback dealerships charge a few to have an appraiser give an assessment of the vehicle, but not here at Sport Honda.

Real Cash Offer:
While our trade-in tool can offer you an appraisal estimate, our appraiser will take into account the condition and current market value of your car, as well as any work needed on its important systems. From there, they will offer a no-haggle price on the spot.

Let us go over the important steps so you can get started here at our Honda and used car dealership in Silver Spring, MD. We are about a 30-minute drive outside of Baltimore.

How the Process Works

1. Visit Our Dealership: After you gain an approximate value for your car using our trade-in tool online from your home, you can reserve an appraisal appointment online here at our Silver Spring dealership. While not required, an appointment is highly recommended for prompt and attentive service by our expert appraisers.
2.  Appraisal/Confirmation: If you schedule an appointment with Sport Honda, you should receive a full appraisal by a certified technician within a half hour. At this time, any extra information you have about your vehicle, its condition, features, or miscellaneous questions can be brought up with our expert appraiser.

3. No-Haggle Offer: Our appraiser will make you an offer on the spot for your old vehicle and you can use the cash towards a new Honda or used car with us. We strongly encourage you to take a look at our inventory as your next dream car could be waiting for you in Silver Spring, MD. Your no-haggle offer is valid for five days, as long as no changes are made to the vehicle in the interim.

What To Bring

To make your Vehicle Purchase Program experience seamless you will need to bring your current vehicles title or bill of sale for authenticity. If you are planning to upgrade to a new vehicle you will need your valid US Driver's License and the vehicles registration, along with proof of auto insurance.  Any keys, remote fobs, and the owner's manual should be turned in as well.

Come sell us your car and drive off in the new Honda or used car you like at Sport Honda.

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